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Music has alway been a big and important part of my life, as with many other human beings.

Since 2014, I’m a member of the music editorial at Radio Študent.

In 2017 I co-founded Imaginary Radio Stations, a series of events and mixes with the aim to provide a space for music free from genre restrictions and limitations in the context of the city of Berlin, which is nowadays filled with mainstream techno and house music.

I spend some of my free time in the studio, recording and producing music under the moniker CP-AK.

When I’m not producing music, I’m usually out in the nature either learning about Berlin’s inbetween_nature’s spaces, walking the dog, a beatiful and lovely Lagotto Romagnolo called Tilla or running.

Below you can find some of the music selections I’ve made for the radio station as well as some of the mixes recorded on the IRS events or notes on my learning in music theory.

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