Radio Študent playlist for 2018.03.04

  1. Gaussian Curve - Impossible Island [Clouds (Music From Memory)]
  2. People Like Us & Wobbly & Matmos - I Must Die [Wide Open Spaces (Tigerbeat6)]
  3. Atom™ & Lisokot - Alliiertenwalzer [Walzerzyklus (raster)]
  4. Šuljo - Bacon Calamari [Scrap Metal (Beton Records)]
  5. Hector Plimmer - Kalimba 2 (Mr Beatnick Remix) [Sunshine Remixed (Albert’s Favourites)]
  6. Ahnnu - Latro [Special Forces (NNA Tapes)]
  7. Intergrill - Torek [ (Samozalozba)]
  8. Frank Bretschneider - Numerik [Lunik (Shitkatapult)]
  9. Krikor - White Snow [Pacific Alley (L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems))]
  10. Kukushai - Fruits [Fruitile (ZARS Records)]
  11. Leemajik - Či Bum (bad tape edit) [Natural (Samozalozba)]
  12. B. Fleischmann - Little Toy [Stop Making Fans (Morr Music)]
  13. Vasko Atanasovski - Ne kuni, ne ruzi me majko [Melem (Celinka)]
  14. 坂田明 & Chikamorachi featuring 佐藤允彦 - Voyage of Eukaryote [Proton Pump (Family Vineyard)]
  15. Ismo Laakso - Translucent [Ofelia (Puu)]
  16. Quicksails - The Bright (Khaki Blazer Remix) [The Bright (Gang Of Ducks)]
  17. Charles Mingus - Better Git It in Your Soul [Mingus Ah Um (Legacy)]
  18. Menelik Wossenatchew - Fikratchin [Taitu (Soul-Fuelled Stompers From 1960s-1970s Ethiopia) (BBE)]
  19. Kostas Dousas - I Trata (The Trawler) [Kostas Dousas: Greek Blues in America, Vol. 2 (Death Is Not The End)]
  20. Vincent Ahehehinnou - Wa Do Verité Ton Noumi [Best Woman (Analog Africa)]
  21. Basa Basa Soundz - Together We Win [Homowo (Vintage Voudou)]
  22. Dirtmusic - Outrage (feat. Görkem Şen) [Bu Bir Ruya (Glitterbeat)]
  23. DJ Python - Amazonia [Lovers Rock No. 10 (Lovers Rock)]
  24. Autarkic - Asi Keta Ga [Halal Collection (Disco Halal)]
  25. Gnonnas Pedro - Yiri Yiri Boum [Sofrito (Tropical Discotheque) (Strut)]
  26. Tal National - Trankil [Tantabara (FatCat Records)]
  27. Tom E Dito - Obrigado Corcovado [Mr Bongo Record Club Volume Two (Mr Bongo)]
  28. Nesesari Kakalulu - Potrpljenje v Vasyi (fresh) [Klubski Maraton 2017 (ZARS Records)]
  29. Minoru Muraoka - The Positive And The Negative [Kaoru Inoue Collection King Issue (Solid Records)]
  30. Darla Smoking - Golden Blood [Big Bug (Kapa Records)]
  31. U.S. Girls - Rage of Plastics [In a Poem Unlimited (4AD)]
  32. Unwound - Usual Dosage [New Plastic Ideas (Kill Rock Stars)]
  33. Mark Renner - Half A Heart [Few Traces (Rvng Intl.)]
  34. Ought - Disaffectation [Room Inside the World (Merge Records)]
  35. Siekiera - Ludzie wschodu [Nowa Aleksandria (Sonic Records)]
  36. Hikashu - The model [Twin Best (ツイン・ベスト) (Eastworld)]
  37. Eindkrak - Three Parts Shell [Brullend Staal (Unknown Precept)]
  38. drinking electricity - breakout [Overload (Survival Records)]
  39. Super Besse - Strah [la nuit* (I Love You Records)]
  40. Žen - Iskrenost Je Posebna (Andrea Giordani Remix) [Balkan Under The Radar Vol. 2: The Black Wave (Black Planet Records)]
  41. Pankow - I’m Food For You (1983) [Decapitated One-Liners EP (Contort Yourself)]
  42. Hieroglyphic Being - Awake & Energize [The Red Notes (Mathematics Communications Inc (ASCAP))]
  43. BlackBush Orchestra - My People [Famiglia E.P. (Beauty & the Beat)]
  44. P. Adrix - Sonhos [Álbum Desconhecido (Principe Discos)]
  45. Takuya Matsumoto - Drafting Under The Stars [Drafting Under The Stars (Iero)]
  46. Katja Šulc - Ćorrolikano bluz (El Hijo de la Cumbia Remix) [Kamlisajlan Remixed (Casete Mexico)]
  47. The Hard Workers - Ayoba-Yo [Pantsula, The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988 - 90 (Rush Hour Music)]
  48. Kurup - Macaúba [Macaúba (Tropical Twista Records)]
  49. Žiga Murko - Glow [Glow (rx:tx)]
  50. Aquadab, MC A - Anatamohayaku, Saa [All Over There (Bokeh Versions)]
  51. Scallops Hotel - a method (JAWGEMS pausing in the hotel lobby) [Sovereign Nose of (Y)our Arrogant Face (Ruby Yacht)]
  52. Dabrye - Lil Mufukuz [Three/Three (Ghostly International)]
  53. Maxo Kream - Bussdown [Punken (Kream Clicc)]
  54. Samiyam - What Can I Do (feat. Jonwayne) [Pizza Party (Stones Throw Records)]
  55. Figub Brazlevič - Roads [4x4 Palestine Jeep Beats (Krekpek Records)]
  56. Drakeo The Ruler - They Dont Even Know You [Cold Devil (Stinc Team)]
  57. N’toko - Ikea Killer [Emirates (Unique Records)]
  58. simon$ezdie - SWRW [56315:launch (Spejs Collective)]
  59. CupcakKe - Duck Duck Goose [Ephorize (Samozalozba)]
  60. Yeah You - suppress not root warning [Vhod (Alter)]
  61. Žongler Mastif - Flowers for Abe Part I (Pokoj jim je slast Revisited) [Flowers for Abe (SOP Records)]
  62. Rezzett - Worst Ever Contender [Rezzett LP (The Trilogy Tapes)]
  63. Kinlaw - 2nd Cave [Corfe (No Corner)]
  64. EQ Why - 2 Far 2 End It [Footwork Tracks Vol.1 (Equalized Records)]
  65. SZCH - your friends are the ones who will betray you first [House to save the house (Samozalozba)]
  66. Simulant - Spectre [Scopex 98/00 (Tresor)]
  67. TPROACH - Electric daydreams [Transmissions from nonexistence (Samozalozba)]
  68. Luka Prinčič - Speshlafer [Albatross EP (Kamizdat)]
  69. Yila - Better (Of) Me (Christian Kroupa Remix) [Better (Of) Me (Supremus Records)]
  70. Lakker - Cliquewell [Die Vergangenheit, Die Gegenwart, Die Zukunft (Self Release)]
  71. Restive Plaggona - Always Guilty [Silently Hopelessly (Thrènes)]
  72. Kaja Draksler Octet - A Promise Is A Promise [Gledalec (Clean Feed)]
  73. Z Lovecraft - Progressive Rhythm [Compilation For Dominica (Rhythm Section International)]