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This page is inspired by Jamie Tanna’s /now page and the nownownow movement, initially found on PERSONALSTI.ES

I’try to keep this page updated with the stuff I’m currently working on where my interests are at the movement.

What are my interests?

  • GNU/Linux
  • Free Software Movement
  • Self-hosting services
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • GTD with Emacs and org-mode
  • Cockos Reaper
  • #IndieWeb

What am I up to right now?

  • Interesting in finding a new job
  • I’m currently training to get the AWS Certified Developer - Associate Certification
  • I have finally migrated away from Dropbox into my own private cloud and replaced all paid services for task management with emacs and org-mode
  • I’m migrating some of my markdown notes slowly to this website or to my personal wiki, mantained via deft, zetteldeft and org-roam
  • I’m still training my dog, having some issues with the leash lately

What are my Operating System preferences?

  • On Mobile, I’m an Android user
  • On Laptop, I’m an Fedora user, for music production, Windows10 Pro.

What are my programming prefences??

  • My main programming languages at this time is JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • The website was created using GatsbyJS and I’m a big fan of the React and TypeScript integration.
  • I’m currently using VSCode for most of my development tasks, my colourscheme is Serendipity and the font JuliaMono.

My main computers

  • A Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G phone
  • A Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen. 2 laptop

What are my hobbies

  • I’m learning about sound synthesis (FM)
  • I’m getting better at drum programming
  • I’m building some pretty amazing presets using Midihub
  • I’m learning a bit of Lua to program my DIY Monome Norns.
  • I’m learning new Korean street food recipes 🌶️
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